Mathematics and Computer Science at The University of Virginia's College at Wise

Advisory Committee Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of the UVA-Wise Software Engineering(SE) and Computer Science(CS) Advisory Committee(AC) is to advise our SE and CS faculty on industry trends and participate in discussions of how to more effectively enhance the students’ knowledge and increase their competence in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering. The goals of the Advisory Committee include:

  • identifying the knowledge and skills required for our software engineering/computer science graduates using the latest research and technological innovations
  • assisting in the development of departmental program objectives and goals
  • reviewing departmental assessment materials and outcomes
  • suggesting improvements to the program objectives based on assessment results

The Advisory Committee will also provide guidance in the planning and development of a research center. The Advisory Committee will conduct regular evaluations of research projects, workshops, courses, teaching materials, and research involving students and faculty. The Department Chair will inform the Advisory Committee on the programs, focusing on recent and planned changes, enrollment, and events. The Advisory Committee will in turn analyze the needs of the department in order to keep it current and relevant.


The council will be comprised of 7 to 9 individuals that serve rotating terms of four years, with the exception of the Managers of Northrop Grumman and CGI who will be permanent members. Other members may serve up to two consecutive terms. Initially, half of the members will serve a two year term. Members of the SE and CS Advisory Committee will nominate and elect individuals to fill vacant positions. Committee members will meet at least once a year.

Positions to be filled:

AC Chair The AC Chair will be appointed by the Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. This is a two-term position and may be reappointed for another term.
Vice ChairThe Vice Chair will be elected by the committee. This is a two-term position and may serve a second term.
SecretaryThe Secretary will be elected by the committee