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Businesses and the Technologies That Made Them: Netflix, Google, IBM, and Amazon

My project was a research paper that discussed four different businesses. The paper discusses what has made these businesses successful, whether it be the technology they use or the business procedures they employed.


As a Management Information Systems and Business Administration major it always interests me in how successful business become this way. A while back in the semester I read an article about IBM and how the company used technology to become so successful. Immediately, this was something that interested me, as well as something I could comprehend easily. This was my immediate motivation to research this topic and write a meaningful paper on it. To me, understanding how the big businesses become successful is key to understanding the concepts that are conveyed through the classes I have taken the past four years.


I stated earlier that I had researched IBM and thought it was interesting. For me, this was the starting point. I've always kept up with what companies were successful, and the news surrounding them. However, I needed a good article I could explain well in presentation and the two seem to coincide well.

Since this was a research paper project, the majority of my project was research. Reading material and converting it to words on paper is easy. The hard part was finding reliable research that was relevant to my topic. Initially, I wanted to just do the technology that made companies successful, since IBM was my inspiration. However, the more I researched the more I began to understand that I wasn't going to be able to find all the information on the technology that I wanted. So, I decided to broaden it a bit, and cover a few things other than technology, like employee treatment. However, I didn't stray too far from my initial goal. All in all, I had eleven different sources, two of which coming from different authors on the same website. I always made sure to research the authors themselves to verify that he or she was a credible source. As I said, the majority of the work of this paper was the research.


At first I was just using Microsoft Word, for the paper, and Google Chrome, for the research. I stuck with Chrome just because it serves a basic purpose. However, I decided to switch to Google Docs. After switching, I see that there is no immediate reason to pay for Microsoft Office, especially considering that you can use Google Drive for free. Google Drive was also really nice for me, since I could just share my content with people that I wanted to proofread my paper for me.


The process was very simple for me. First, I researched the company that I was writing about. When I found the sources I was looking for, I would read through the article. If I found that it was helpful, I would research the Author, to make sure he or she was credible. Then, I would cite the source. After I found what I wanted on the topic, I would begin writing that part of the paper on that company. I would continue this process until I had researched five companies. However, after reading the three pages I had on Wal-Mart, I decided that I wasn't satisfied with what I could find and I cut it from the final draft.


There were more than enough challenges with this project for me. The first and foremost, was trying to find credible sources. I found all kinds of materials that would help me write, but then I would go to see who the author was and find out he or she lacked the credentials to write said article. After finding the articles that I needed, it was a little rough to take what I needed from them and turn this information into a paper. Another big problem just for me in general is motivation. I could easily motivate myself to find the research. However, it was rough for me to sit down and take the time to convert the material I was reading into the words I wanted to write. Honestly, I haven't written a research paper in so long that I couldn't completely remember how to cite in text, how to cite my works cited, or even whether my grammar was correct or not. That was another challenge for me. All in all, I think I picked a good project that provided a good amount of learning, but didn't over stress me in my semester.

Future Work

My future work with this isn't much. I mean, I will continue to keep up with the current news on succeeding businesses, but I don't plan on writing on them anymore.


My references will be provided along with the paper itself.

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