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Bitcoin: A Ripple in the Market

I started my mining Dogecoin in the lab with 14 computer and at the same time while I was mining I was looking up Research on the the computer that I was not mining from. There are a lot of different currencies out there there are more then 600 as of today.


The reason why I wanted to was to make money to see it it was a great why to make money. You can make money but you need good computer to make money this way and the long you wait the less you will make because there are more users that are doing the something.


I stated at and then went all over the place to fine all about bitcoin some times I was not sure about some of the site because hackers like to use bitcoin for there owe uses.


The lab and my computer with cgminer to mine dogecoin.



At first I did not know what Bitcoin was so I had to do a lot of digging for information. I mined dogecoin and it was not all fun and games it took even more reaccher to learn how to do that. I made in total about 150 dogecoins. It was not worth it each dogecoin is worth .0006 dollors. I did learn that it took a lot of thinking to solve a lot of problems that it had when it was first though of like the double spending problem and blockchain etc.

Future Work

I have mined some dogecoin from time to time and keep up with what is going on with onlince currencies.


My references will be provided along with the paper.

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