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It's equally easy to argue that the Internet is on its way to a utopian ideal as it is to argue that its ultimate end is that of a distopian hell. As such, it's important to remember that it is neither. The web is decidedly not an institution without rules; it does not exist in a vacuum (in fact, it's creator offers exactly the opposite opinion).

The notion that the Internet is a lawless, no holds barred environment where anything goes is a popular one, however. It's equally as popular as it is scary. It derives it's popularity from it salaciousness. The myth of the technological wild west which must be reined in and brought under the law is a popular one amongst; and useful to the interests that would make the Internet a tool for their own purposes (business, or political).

But if, as we've argued, the Internet derives its strength from it openness, and it ease of collaboration; then is to add more rules (like restrictions on anonymity, censorship of objectionable material, and the like) to make the Internet less useful? The following articles and videos argue about just that notion.

Chris Poole: High Order Bit


What's Happening to Your Data?

Tell Me How You Really Feel!


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