How to Flash the Gumstix

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Flashing the Gumstix Assembly

  1. Unpackage and assemble the Wifistix, Robostix, and Connex200xm
  2. Locate serial cable (9-pin Standard) with attached Brainstem TTL adapter
    (Attached to computer to left of scanner in lab)
  3. Attach Brainstem (with the Brainstem lable facedown) to the single-level four prong adapter on the Robostix labeled "GUMSTIX"
  4. Open shell prompt and log-in as root (su -)
  5. type: wermit
  6. type: connect
  7. Power on the gumstix (use the bottom power jack connected to the robostix, not the wifistix)
  8. Within 3 seconds of power-up press any key
    (Should now see the GUM> prompt)
  9. type: loadb a2000000
    (exactly 6 zeros)
  10. type: ctrl+\ (the ctrl key and the backslash key together), then type c
  11. type: send /danstuff/rootfs.arm_nofpu.jffs2
    (This step should take about 25 minutes to compleste)
  12. type: connect
  13. type: pro on 1:0-1 && jera all && cp.b a2000000 40000 ${filesize}
    This is actually 3 VERY IMPORTANT commands
    1. protect sector 0 and 1 so the boot loader isn't zapped
    2. erase all other sectors to make room for the new image
    3. copy the new image that we just uploaded to RAM)
    (This step should take a few minutes)
  14. type: loadb a2000000
  15. type: ctrl+\, and then type c
  16. type: send /danstuff/uImage
    (This should take about a minute and a half)
  17. type: connect
  18. type: katsinstall 100000 (that's 5 zeros)
  19. type: katload 100000
  20. type: bootm
    (Wait for the gumstix to reboot)
     Login: root
     Password: gumstix

Edit the /etc/network/interfaces file using vi

(Our goal is to set the IP address for each unique gumstix: begin with, then 216, 217, etc.)

The interfaces file should look as follows where XXX in the IP address is the next in the series:

     #Configure Loopback
     auto lo
     iface lo inet loopback
     iface usb0 inet dhcp
     iface bnep0 inet dhcp
     auto eth0
     iface eth0 inet dhcp
     iface eth1 inet dhcp
     iface wlan0 inet dhcp
     auto mwlan0
     iface mwlan0 inet static
         address 192.168.0.XXX
         pre-up /sbin/iwconfig $IFACE essid NETGEAR txpower 100mW

type: bootm make sure the led on top of the wifistix marked LED1 lights-up after reboot

(indicates that the wireless connection has been made)

With a sharpie, neatly put the IP number (XXX) on the top silver plate on the wifistix

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