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Blog -- My blog is being kept up to date more than this page. It's called http://soweva.blogspot.com/

2007/07/25 -- Lee Ann and I moved to Abingdon June 1. We had been living with her parnets since October 2006 (she since August 06). We finished moving the apartment in Dec 2006. We're finally starting to get settled and some family has started staying with us.

2006/03/06 -- Lee Ann and I will be moving back to Southwestern Virgina soon. Be there by Memorial Day hopefully.

2006/02/12 -- Went to hawaii for work related stuff. You should check out the pic section.

2005/05/11 -- I'm working on updating this site. Things will get better sometime soon

March 2005 I went to SD West in Santa Clara, CA. This is the first time that I've been able to attend a conference. I attended the tutorials given by Dan Saks on C++ Templates. I learned a lot from the these 2 tutorials. The other sessions were informative as well, but it was much harder to get as much information from these, since they were only 1.25 hours long.

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