Mathematics and Computer Science at The University of Virginia's College at Wise
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Computer Science is the study of how computer<br/> technology can be used and designed to better<br/>  facilitate information handling. It is a discipline<br/> that exists at the exciting intersection of applied<br/> mathematical theory, computer information  <br/>systems, and computer use. <br/><a href="/cs">Read More</a> Software engineers design and develop software<br/> that is involved in almost every facet of today's <br/> modern society, including computer gaming, <br/> business applications, military applications,<br/> telecommunication systems, operating systems, <br/> network control systems,and middleware. <br/><a href="/sweg">Read More</a> Management Information Science is the study<br/> of using information technology to help leverage<br/> business opportunities and fulfill business goals.<br/> MIS professionals must be proficient in both<br/> business skills and advanced technical skills.<br/> <a href="/mis">Read More</a> Mathematics is one of the oldest and most<br/> fundamental sciences. Mathematicians use<br/> mathematical theory, computational techniques,<br/> algorithms, and the latest computer technology<br/> to solve economic, scientific, engineering,<br/> physics, and business problems<br/><a href="/mathematics">Read More</a>