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X-cape Outdoors Hunting Videos


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Plan your escape with X-cape Outdoors.  We invite you to join X-cape Outdoors on exciting hunting trips across the globe.  Our passions are hunting and video production.  Our pro-staff are dedicated to producing the best hunting DVDs possible. Prepare yourself to live the adrenaline rush of seeing monster whitetails, hearing majestic elk bugle, and stalking dangerous game.  We will show you some of the most beautiful country in the world while telling you of the joys and hardships of reality hunting. 

What does it take to become an X-cape Outdoors Team Member? First, you need to be able to film and hunt, with the ability to bring the two together.  Second, you must be willing to promote the sport of hunting and be willing to get other people involved.  Last, you need to fill out an
application and mail it back with some sample footage of what you have filmed as well as footage of you hunting. Send some photos as well.  Do not send in master footage or original photos, as they will not be returned.  Good luck hunting and filming!

wildlife conservation
wildlife conservation agenciesHunters contribute, by far, more money and volunteer time to wildlife conservation than any other group of people. Hunting licenses and special taxes collected from the sale of sporting arms and ammunition are the mainstay of America's wildlife conservation program. In addition to our state and federal programs, several other private organizations, like Ducks Unlimited, have helped restore some wildlife  species from near extinction to thriving herds and flocks. 

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Don't forget to visit our great sponsors.  X-cape Outdoors Hunting Videos sponsors include some of the best hunting products you can buy. We have links from our
sponsors page so that you may learn more about the companies and the hunting equipment they make and sell.  Hunter Safety Systems Safety Equipment for Hunters; Mossy Oak Camo, ScentBlocker Scent Elimination System, ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent.


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