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James_deer_1250Dr. James Vance is a new generation hunter.  Born in Bluefield, WV, but mostly raised in northern Virginia, he did not have the privilege of a hunting heritage.  Growing up the son of a minister, James has moved several times in his life. At age 15 he was moved to southwest Virginia where he went on his first hunt ever. Doe fever got the best of him and he left the woods without meat, but with the burning desire to complete the experience. He killed his first deer (a three point buck) three years later with a single shot H&R .30-30. He has been hooked on hunting ever since. Throughout high school and college, James continued to spend as much time in the woods as possible. 

Most of his hunting was done alone since none of his family hunted at the time.  His first hunting partner was his girlfriend (now wife) Aranda.  Aranda is James' videographer.  After 10 years of college he graduated with his Ph.D. in mathematics from Virginia Tech in 2006.  He is currently a professor at a small college in southwest Virginia where he teaches math and conducts mathematical biology research.  Twelve years after taking his first deer, the antlers of that three-pointer are still on his wall and the .30-30 now has a position of honor in his office. Due to his passion, James has hunted in multiple states and has become an avid bow hunter. He considers himself a new generation hunter because, instead of learning from Jack O'Connor, Fred Bear, and their contemporaries, he is learning from Gary Bogner, Jim Shockey, Mark Drury, and Terry Drury.  His hunting knowledge was gained through trial and error as well as reading multiplied dozens of magazines and books and watching hundreds of hunting videos. His long-term hunting goal is to take all 28 North American big game species (the North American Super Slam) with a bow on camera. 



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