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X-cape Outdoors works with some of the best hunting outfitters in North America and Africa.  If you are planning a hunt in a foreign country or out of state, you should seriously consider booking your hunt with an outfitter.  The hard part is finding the right outfitter. We have several outfitters we recommend, but you should still do your homework before you lay down your hard earned cash.

Recommend Outfitters

Cherokee Run Hunting Lodge
Crusader Safaris

How To Choose An Outfitter

When you call the outfitter have a list of questions written down that you want the outfitter to answer. Make sure you ask all of them before you end your phone call.  Here are some of the things you will need answered.  You may have more questions.

How long has the outfitter been in business?
This will give you an indication of experience and success as a business over the years. A business with a history of operating with the same owners and personnel suggests that someone must be doing something right. Make sure that experience has been for the game you plan to hunt.

How large is the hunting area?
How many acres or square miles of land does he operate and is it all private land or public?

Maximum hunters per year?
An idea of the outfitter's client volume also allows you to infer the amount of hunting pressure applied to his area. You need to know how many clients per week, how many different plans he offers, and how many weeks he books on a regular basis. 

Does he offer custom hunts?
Some offer custom tailored hunts. When they do, the cost varies because of the expenses incurred in providing those special services you want. Those who are "processing" people will attempt to discourage such a hunt because of the special planning and additional expenses in the business. For fees that seem outrageous, have your outfitter explain how he arrives at his fee.

What is the guide/hunter ratio?
Less hunters per guide means you will get a more personal hunt and service. The cost of a hunt should vary with the ratio, because of the increased expenses. A low cost hunt usually means lower expenses, and maybe lower quality.

What is the success ratio?
Each outfitter's plan may have different success ratios. How does he calculate success?

What is the preferred method of hunting?
Will you hunt from stands, from horseback, spot and stalk. The method will vary with the terrain and area you hunt.  Some methods require a lot of walking and some very little. Let the outfitter know what you prefer.

Make sure you know where you will stay and sleep.  Will you be hunting from a cabin, a tent, a motel?  All have advantages and disadvantages but you need to know what you are paying for up front. This is a key concern and you don't want any surprises.

How much experience does the outfitter have?
Experience counts. Ensure that your outfitter has the experience. He may have recently purchased the operation from another. He may have gained experience working for someone else, or he may be totally new at the game. Ask for references for the last few years.

Percentage of returns?
Good outfitter do a lot of return business.  Ask for a percentage of returning hunters and references that have been to his operation more than one time.

Does the guide expect help?
Some paying hunters like to get involved in the chores and camp activities. Others would rather use the time in camp to relax and enjoy. The outfitter should tell you up front whether or not he expects your help. Your help may mean he can operate with a lower over head, and pass the savings to you. Others may not want the help due to risk factors and possibilities for accident. You should know, so that you're not disappointed either way. If he returns with a question on your personal experience and abilities, don't be insulted. He may want to assess you prior to allowing you to help. Always heed his instructions, he most likely is seriously concerned for your safety.

What about transportation?
Some outfitters provide transportation during your hunt, others do not. You need to know how you will get from the airport to the camp, how you will be transported during the hunt, and does the cost of the hunt include packing out downed game, game processing.  During the hunt will you have horses, trucks, or ATV's at your disposal?

The best way to ensure you have a good camp, is to ask people who have hunted with them. Ask for references. Use a service such as the
North American Hunting Club, or Safari Club International to obtain non-biased evaluations. If you talk to them, ask what was good and what was bad.



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